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Specialists of the SOLTEC ® Novomoskovsk Mechanical Plant have developed the ZT-800 grouting pump. The idea of realization of this project has arisen in connection with the recent changes in the building market and high demand to perform various tasks related to the injecting the mineral compositions.

This pump can be involved in such work as:

- The creation of a waterproofing cut-off

- Modernization of various facilities

- The restoration of concrete and masonry structures

- Strengthening of concrete and masonry structures

Structural feature of ZT-800 - a quick connection. With this engineering solution, pump can be disassembled into three parts, and can be transported by simple passenger car. For this pumping equipment it has developed a special frame made in a mobile version, and has two wheels to move the installation on site ZT-800 is equipped with a control panel with a frequency converter, which can adjust pump capacity. Pump is powered by ordinary household 220 V.

Injection pump ZT-800 it is compact, mobile, multitask and reliable unit for achieving the target.