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The pump is intended for supply of the flotation concentrate at the Kazakhstan mining enterprise. The pump has been installed at a special station for sorption of gold and silver on activated carbon.

The uniqueness of BV125L01HZ pump in this case is that it has a stable capacity and pressure characteristics and allows the circulation of flotation concentrate with a minimum percentage of the destruction of fragile particles, such as sorbents, particles of non-ferrous metals, crystals of salts. BV125L01HZ has a capacity of 120 m3 / h and operating pressures up to 2 bar, the length of the immersion part is 8 meters.

BV125L01HZ Vertical single-screw pump makes the air circulation and mechanical agitation of pulp enriched ore and sorbent, with minimal use of airlift compressor equipment, and hence pump SOLTEC ® significantly reduces the power consumption, comparing with traditional methods of air agitation of water and ore slurries. Also using of screw pumps for aforesaid purpose decreases the environmental pollution by reducing the volume of  used air for filtration.