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TASK: One of the leading companies that develops quarries and mining of metal ores in Kazakhstan asked for pump unit that is able for dosing of sulfuric acid from a on-land tank with a deep range of capacity.

SOLUTION: To meet mentioned requirements, SOLTEC ® specialists manufactured a vertical stainless steel screw pump SOLTEC ® BV015S02FYV equipped with Italian variator VARMEC, which allowed to solve the problem of a deep range of capacity control.

The main characteristics of the vertical dosing screw pump unit BV015S02FYV

  • Pump type - vertical dosing single-screw pump
  • The lenght of the submerged part is 3 100 mm
  • Material of the flowing part - stainless steel
  • The maximum outlet pressure is up to 12 bar
  • Range of capacity control - 0.05 - 0.46 m3/h
  • Seal type of drive shaft - mechanical sealInstalled power - 0,75 kW