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TASK: Conveying of crude oil from underground tanks for further processing. The customer asked to design a screw pump that would be able to feed the crude oil with capacity 9 m3/h and operating pressure up to 36 bar.

SOLUTION: Within the framework of this task, specialists of SOLTEC ® have designed and manufactured a vertical single-screw pump BV045S06HYX with a capacity of 9 m3/h and working pressure up to 36 bar.

The main characteristics of the screw pump unit BV045S06HYX

  • Pump type - vertical single-screw pump
  • The material of the flowing part is steel 09Г2С with a protective coating
  • The material of the screw (rotor) is 12Х18Н10Т stainless steel
  • The material of the stator is oil resistant rubber NBR
  • Maximum outlet pressure - up to 36 barCapacity - 9 m3/h
  • Seal type of the drive shaft - single mechanical with additional protection
  • Engine in explosion-proof design - 1ExdIIBT4
  • The pump is equipped with supporting flange DN800
  • The length of the submerged part is 4 m