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Single-screw pump unit BV038L01FZX is designed for pumping of viscous petroleum products including abrasive impurities from tank that has depth 1.8-2.0 m.

The motor gear and the output flange is located above the tank.

The pump has the following characteristics:

- The maximum allowable temperature of the liquid is 95 ° C;

- Maximum pressure at the outlet of the pump unit is up to 6 bar;

- Flange connection to the pipeline with diameter 65 mm;

- All working parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel 12X18H10T;

- Stator pumping unit is made of oil-petrol-resistant elastomer IRP-1294;

- Motor power 2.2 kW, 380 V, class of explosion-proof 1ExdIIBT4;

- Gearbox VARMEC (Italy) RCV 281.