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OBJECTIVE: One of the largest vertically integrated oil and gas companies in the world, gave a technical task regarding pumping of oil-water emulsion from drainage tank EP 40-2400. The Customer asked for the flow head 120 meters with capacity 50 m3/hour.

SOLUTION: The specified problem has been solved by using of single-screw pump units SOLTEC ® BV105S02HYYX which were designed, manufactured and delivered to the Customer oil production facility.
Mentioned pumps are specially designed for installation at EP 40-2400 drainage tank with using an electric motor with a power of 37 kW and a reducer of the Slovak company STROINA.
The gerotor pump is able to develop a pressure of up to 12 bar with nominal capacity 50 m3/hour.


The main characteristics of the screw pump unit BV105S02HYYX:

  • Pump type - vertical single-screw PC pump
  • Material of the flowing part - carbon steel
  • The maximum outlet pressure - 12 bar
  • Capacity - 50 m3/hour
  • Seal type of drive shaft - double mechanical seal with flushing
  • Installed power - 37 kW