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TASK: Feed the drilling mud to the centrifuge at the rig for cleaning. The customer asked to design a screw pump unit which has the following parameters: working pressure 2 - 4 bar, capacity in the range from 3 to 20 m3/h. 

The main condition of the customer is the use of the motor-variator as part of the SOLTEC ® pump unit for the possibility of manual adjustment of performance.

SOLUTION: Within mentioned task, specialists of SOLTEС ® have selected and manufactured a horizontal single-screw pump BN063L01HYXV with a capacity ranging from 3 to 20 m3 / h and an operating pressure of 0.1 to 6 bar.

The flowing part of the pump unit is made of materials resistant to drilling muds containing abrasive particles.

The main characteristics of the screw pump unit BN063L01HYXV

  • Pump type - horizontal single-screw pump
  • The material of the flowing part is steel 20 with a protective coating
  • The material of the screw (rotor) is 40X13 thermoprocessed steel
  • The material of the stator is abrasion resistant rubber
  • Maximum outlet pressure - up to 6 bar
  • Capacity - from 3 to 20 m3 / h
  • Seal type of the drive shaft - single mechanical
  • Engine in explosion-proof design - 1ExdIIBT4
  • Belt Variator - VARMEC
  • The pump is mounted on a bаsе plate.