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TASK: One of the leaders in the oil refining industry, requested for quotation for single-screw pump unit for dense greases. The main requirement for a screw pump has been creation of work pressure up to 24 bar. The nominal temperature of the pumped liquid is from 70° C to 120 °C.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, SOLTEC ® specialists calculated and selected the BN045S04HY gerotor pump that able to provide stable working pressure under aforesaid conditions. The screw pump has a capacity of 5.7 m3 / h at a pressure of 24 bar. Electric motor has general industrial execution for climatic conditions U2.

The main characteristics of the BN045S04HY screw pump unit are following:

  • Pump type - horizontal single screw progressive cavity pump
  • The material of the flowing part - steel 20 with a protective coating
  • The maximum outlet pressure - 24 bar
  • Rated output - 5.7 m3 / h
  • Seal type of drive shaft - single mechanical seal
  • Electric engine power - 7.5 kW