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OBJECTIVE: For the wastewater treatment facilities of the power plant, the customer ordered pumping equipment for the feeding of liquid sludge from the tank to the dewatering unit with a flow rate of 1.4 m3/h and pressure of 3 bar. Temperature of sludge + 10 ... + 25 C. deg.

SOLUTION: SOLTEC ® designed and manufactured horizontal single screw pumps BN031S01FY for chemical application with using corrosion resistant stainless steel 1.4541.

The main characteristics of the screw pump unit BN031S01FY

  • Pump type - horizontal single-screw pump
  • The material of the flow part is 1.4541  stainless steel
  • The material of the stator is oil resistant rubber NBR-1294
  • Maximum outlet pressure - 3 bar
  • Nominal capacity - dosing from 1.4 m3/h
  • Seal type of the drive shaft - single mechanical
  • Engine power - 1.1 kW
  • Inlet/Outlet - flange DN 50 mm
  • Equipped with cylindrical gear reducer VARMEC