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OBJECTIVE: One of the leading companies in the area of crude oil extracting in Kazakhstan gave the technical task where main requirement is limited area of the installation and the technological need to pressure feed a multi-phase, water-oil, abrasive fluid with a head up to 22 bar and a capacity of up to 5 m3/h.

SOLUTION:  For pumping of crude oil with water and sand has been designed the single-screw pump unit SOLTEC ® BN045S04HYYXTo meet mentioned requirements, SOLTEC ® specialists manufactured a high-pressure screw pump using a belt drive system and a special design of flexible joints, which allowed to reduce the overall dimensions and build the pump within the required dimensions.

The main characteristics of the screw pump unit BN045S04HYYX:

  • Pump type - horizontal single-screw PC pump
  • Material of the flowing part - carbon steel
  • The maximum outlet pressure - 24 bar
  • Nominal capacity - 5 m3/h
  • Seal type of drive shaft - double mechanical seal with flushing
  • Installed power - 7.5 kW